Author:- Amish Tripathi

Genre:- Fiction Novel

Book series name:– Shiva Trilogy

One cannot undo what has happened. But the inexorable march of time offers the wise opportunities for redemption. Do not escape. Stay in this world & do your karma.”

Plot(book#1 Immortals of Meluha):- As per Amish Tripathi’s fiction world,Meluha is a near perfect empire, created many centuries earlier by Lord Ram, one of the greatest man that ever lived. However, the once proud empire and its Suryavanshi rulers face severe perils as its primary river, the river Saraswati,is slowly drying to extinction. They also face devastating terrorist attacks from the east, the land of the Chandravanshi who have joined forces with the Nagas,( they have phycial deformities due to that they called as Nagas).The king of Meluha, Daksha, sends his peoples to North India in Tibet, to invite the tribes that live there in Meluha. One of those called as the Gunas, whose chief is Shiva. He is a brave warrior and protector. Shiva accepts the proposal and moves to Meluha with his tribe. They reach the city of Srinagar and are received there by Ayurvati, She is the Chief Medicine of the Meluhans. Ayurvati finds out that Shiva is the only one who survived in these symptoms and that his throat has turned blue. The Meluhans announce Shiva as the Neelkanth, their savior.In devgiri he encounter a mysterious woman, who though very beautiful.He immediately falls in love with her. Her name is Lady Sati, she is daughter of king Daksha. She is a vikarma, an untouchable in this life due to sins of her past births as per Meluha’s living policies.At last,Shiva declares himself to be the Neelkanth in front of everyone.Daksha then advises him to travel and explore the entire kingdom of Meluha.He is accompanied by Sati,Veer Bhadra,Krittika,Nandi,Brahaspati and Parvateshwar on his journey across the land of Meluha. In journey they faced many attack from Nagas. During one battle Sati saves Shiva by hitting her self with agnibaan, Ayurvati saves her life. After this incident Shiva & Sati married in Meluha. The people of Meluha are called as Immortal people. They drink a thing which called as Somras which made them to live long. Meluha have manufacturing unit of Somras in mount mandar. One day mount mandar destroied & Shiva’s best friend Brahspati killed. Novel ends in dramatic turn. When he visited Ayodhya.

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Plot(book#2 The secret of the Nagas):-

The Secret of the Nagas is the second novel of the Shiva trilogy series. Shiva trying to save Sati from the Naga. Later Shiva takes his troop of soldiers and travels far east to the land of Branga, where he wishes to find a clue to reach the Naga people. His journey ultimately leads him to the Naga capital of Panchavati, where he finds a surprise waiting for him.Parvateshwar, his associates Nandi and Veerbhadra, Ayurvati the doctor, and Bhagirath and Anandamayi, the prince and princess of Ayodhya all join Shiva in his journey.Shiva comes to know from Ayurvati that medicine contains herbs which is only available at Panchavati, the capital of the Nagas. Branga suffers from a plague, which has led them to ally with the Nagas, in return for benefits. During his journey many secreta pop up one by one.

Plot(book#3 The oath of Vayuputras):-

This one is final book from Shiva trilogy series. Shiva discovers that Somras is the true evil.
Shiva then declares a holy war on those who seek to continue to use it, mainly the Emperors Daksha and Dilipa, who are being controlled by the sage Bhrigu. Shiva travels to the land of Pariha to consult with Vayuputras, a legendary tribe. He finds that his friend Brahaspati alive in Panchavti. Brahaspati explains that the large amounts of water required to manufacture Somras has resulted in the depletion of the Saraswati River’s water. Also the birth of Naga babies was credited to Somras as it results in the multiplication of cells at a very high rate which lead to their deformation and outgrowths.Shiva travels to the hidden city of Ujjain along with his entourage to meet the chief of Vasudev pandits, Gopal. Shiva takes the Nagas, the Brangas and the Vasudev elephant corps to attack Meluha, while Kartik and Ganesh attack Ayodhya and successfully, where Kartik & Ganesh shows unexpected skills in war.Shiva abandons the plan of invading Meluha and leave for Pariha with Gopal; they wanted to procure the deadly Brahmastra weapon, to threaten the Meluhans for peace with them. Brahmastra is one type of atomic weapon which can destroy whole city. This novel ends with unexpected incidents.

Review:- I love this awesome fiction read by Amish Tripathi. It was amazing experience. This book series become my ReRead type book series. The character of lord Shiva totally influence me. The description of Meluha in first book is awesome I love that beautiful detailing by author also a war description where Kartik is fighting, its amazing totally blow my mind. At last this book gives good massage of love.

All countries have atomic weapons now which is terrible weapon of human kind. We all know the incident of Heroshima & Nagasaki. We can co-relate atomic weapons with Brahmastra which plays very important role in this book series. This books gives so many good massages. I highly recommend this book series to all to read once.

So this is my view for this book series. Tell me about your thoughts in comments below.

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